Flying sites

Here in the algarve we are blessed with  long summer days with hours of flying time , and  mild winter conditions permitting even more flying time!

We are also blessed with big open field and areas perfect for gas , glow or electric flight. Here are just a few examples

This was our first flying site that we discovered in the early days of our club,. With more than 200 sq meters of flat compact earth/sand , And fields for miles around it is a quiet and peaceful place to fly . You will normally find us all here on Saturdays and Sundays if the weather permitts. 

Here is a second site, Mainly used by club members who live closer to tavira and villa real. Same kind of flat field but slightly smaller 100 sq meters aprox 

Also we gather near the beach in quarteira Known as praia do almargen/cavalo preto For sunday morning gliding , and late afternoon thermal heaven. You have to try it to believe it 

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